Monday, January 14, 2013

A Great Tool For Servicing Loans

Courtesy of Autopal Software

For a great many years, the auto loan industry struggled to devise and implement a software program that could easily and quickly service and manage auto loans without those software options being a hindrance, unreliable, or full of software bugs. Without a quality, reliable option for loan software, many companies were forced to bundle several small tools together and use them in-tandem, to get a "close, but not perfect" system of managing new and existing loans.

Throughout this time, one name gained popularity amongst loan service professionals for being the best out there for the basics of servicing loans, this software was called Autopal, and was developed strictly as an in-house solution for one entrepreneurial company. Eventually, as loan servicing professionals began begging for the rights to use this software themselves, Autopal Software began developing an industry-wide version of its popular software. During the research and development phases of this project, many lenders, accountants, attorneys, and programmers got-together and began brainstorming on ways to make the industry's leading software. The end-product, Autopal Software, became the premier loan servicing software in the industry, and can service loans for cars, offroad vehicles, and even home mortgages.

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